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BBM Contracts is fully compliant with all licensing so don't take risks with your health or using someone who has not met the legislations on asbestos removal, deal with the professionals.

To ensure the safety of the public, and asbestos removal workers, the Queensland government has recently implemented a number of legislative changes regarding asbestos removal.

One of these changes is the requirement for all A-class asbestos removal companies to develop and execute an AS 4801:2001 compliant safety management system. With this in mind we have partnered with "Focus On Risks" to implement a comprehensive safety management system. "Focus on Risks" are highly regarded in the field of Safety Management Systems development and implementation.

The government has also made changes to the licensing of asbestos removalists. BBM Contracts Pty Ltd is one of the first companies in Queensland to fully adopt these new arrangement and all our staff are now fully trained and licensed under the new system.

Our List Of Licences

BBM Contracts Asbestos Removal Licence

BBM Contracts COC Workcover 2019 - 2020

BBM Electrical Contractor Licence

BBM Contracts COC Public & Product 2019-2020

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