How does an employer deal with asbestos

The Guide to the Control of Asbestos Hazards in Buildings and Structures provides a number of control measures that may be taken once asbestos is identified in a workplace:

As a result of the public knowledge of the consequences of asbestos exposure it is important for employers to undertake appropriate risk management strategies for the identification and control of asbestos in their workplaces.

Once asbestos has been identified consultation between the employer, employees and other interested parties (eg. unions) should occur as soon as practicable to enable a plan of action outlining what immediate steps will be taken to ensure the health and safety of employees and also informing employees and other parties of the control measure that will be implemented to ensure employees, ongoing health and safety.

An employer who does not adequately control asbestos in its workplace and as a result exposes its employees to the risk of exposure to asbestos will most likely be found to be in breach of the duties imposed by Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

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