Asbestos Removal Civil Sites Brisbane

Asbestos Removal Civil Sites

BBM Contracts regularly provide asbestos removal solutions for civil contractors across the state. Our company and our workers are all fully trained and versed in the specific requirements of working on a civil sites.

These removals can be as simple as some redundant asbestos stormwater piping being discovered during excavation, or as complex as a rediversion of a high voltage cable to allow for the removal of its asbestos casing. We  also have extensive experience in contaminated soil sites. Often with asbestos contaminated soil, removal isn't always the best option. In some circumstances the asbestos can be capped and dealt with on site, moved to another area of the site or if surface contamination is all that exists a surface inspection and pick through can often suffice.

We can provide supervision and labour and often utilise site machinery and machine operators, or we can provide everything to complete the project from start to finish.


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