Asbestos Removal Commercial Businesses

BBM Contracts specialise in large scale commercial and industrial asbestos removal for many and varied commercial businesses .

Our speciality in asbestos removal and the types of businesses include but not limited too:

  • QLD Government Departments
  • Large Commercial Developers
  • Leading Queensland Demolition Contractors
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

These clients require the highest levels of safety compliance and due diligence. We are relied upon to provide the support and advice required to complete the complex task of asbestos removal in a safe and professional manner.

Commercial and industrial sites often present their own specific challenges. We can assist you in completing your project with minimal disruption to your business or workplace.

From large industrial roof removals, to sensitive commercial strip outs, Asbestos Brisbane & BBM Contracts Pty Ltd pride ourselves on our ability to provide a tailored removal solution for all our commercial and industrial sites. Sometimes these can be very straight forward, other times they can involve staged asbestos removal, out of hours work, road and footpath closures and many other unique challenges. Whatever the challenges are, we are your one stop shop for planning, preparation and execution of small or large asbestos removal projects in your workplace.

Due to our extensive experience in commercial and industrial asbestos remediation projects and our large, highly skilled workforce, we can offer very competitive pricing. If you have found asbestos we can help advise you of your requirements and responsibilities and we can also assist you with fulfilling them.



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