Asbestos Removal in Homes

Residenial asbestos removal in Brisbane, Caboolture, Bribie Island and many other suburbs across Queensland is where we excel as an estimated one in three Queensland homes contain some form of asbestos. If you are unsure that maybe some item like fencing materials, wall cladding, roofing or any fiberous material may contain asbestos, then better be safe than sorry, contact us now so we can meet you at your place and evaluate your property for your peace of mind.  

As a general rule of thumb, if your house was built:

The above is a rule of thumb, the only way to know for certain if a material contains asbestos is to have it examined by a NATA accredited laboratory. Accredited sample analysis laboratories can be found on this page - NATA website search

A sample will generally cost from $30-$50. Contact the lab for specific advice on how to collect and send the sample.

Many of these labs can also undertake an asbestos survey or audit of your home. This will identify the asbestos materials within your home and provide guidance on whether they should be removed or left in situ. This service should be undertaken by an independent asbestos assessor and not an asbestos removalist due to the obvious conflict of interest. The person or company advising on whether it should be removed or not shouldn't also be involved in the removal!

The most common places for asbestos to be found in your home are; See Why Asbestos is Dangerous.

Before the mid 1980s, it is highly likely to have been built with some asbestos containing materials.

Between the mid 1980s and 1990, it is likely to have been built with some asbestos containing materials.

After 1990, it is highly unlikely that it was built with any kind of asbestos containing materials.