Removing asbestos internally in commercial or residential buildings requires a special skill-set that Asbestos Brisbane and BBM Contracts have with their team of expert commercial decontaminators.

Internal Where We Excel.

Removing internal asbestos from your commercial property requires the perfect combination of the right information and skill set to minimise the loss of time to your business or peace of mind in your residence. 


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BBM Contracts specialise in small and large scale residential or commercial and industrial asbestos removal for many and varied commercial businesses/residents.

Our specialty in asbestos removal and the types of jobs included but not limited too:
QLD Government Departments, Large Commercial Developers, Leading Queensland Demolition Contractors, Shopping Centre's, Hospitals and Schools.

These clients require the highest levels of safety compliance and due diligence. We are relied upon to provide the support and advice required to complete the complex task of asbestos removal in a safe and professional manner.

Commercial and industrial sites often present their own specific challenges. We can assist you in completing your project with minimal disruption to your business or workplace.

From large industrial roof removals, to sensitive commercial strip outs, Asbestos Brisbane & BBM Contracts pride ourselves on our ability to provide a tailored removal solution for all our commercial and industrial sites.

 Sometimes these can be very straight forward, other times they can involve staged asbestos removal, out of hours work, road and footpath closures and many other unique challenges. Whatever the challenges are, we are your one stop shop for planning, preparation and execution of small or large asbestos removal projects in your workplace.

Due to our extensive experience in commercial and industrial asbestos remediation projects and our large, highly skilled workforce, we can offer very competitive pricing. If you have found asbestos we can help advise you of your requirements and responsibilities and we can also assist you with fulfilling them.

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What is Included

We treat each asbestos removal individually, not all asbestos removals are the same. We consider the environment and your place at home or work. The last thing you require is the removal of the asbestos product without a plan to repair or replace. We can solve your building concern with a removal and replace or just a removal of the harmful product or material.
  • Internal/External wall linings
  • Service Pits, Roofs or Shed/Garage
  • Fencing, Insulation, Ceiling Linings
  • Vinyl floor coverings, Fascia/Eves linings
  • Fire breaks, Vermiculite, Backing boards
  • Wiring/Spark Arrestors, Gutters/Downpipes/Drains
  • Contamination Land/Soil, Air Conditioning, Heater Banks
  • Asbestos waste collection and disposal service

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • What is Asbestos?
    Asbestos is the term used to describe a group of naturally occurring minerals whose characteristic feature is that they occur as fibres. The most common types used in Australia have been:  chrysotile (white asbestos)  amosite (brown asbestos)  crocidolite (blue asbestos).
  • I need to remove asbestos from my home. Should I do it myself or should I employ a license asbestos removalist?
    WorkSafe recommends you employ a licensed asbestos removalist, as these contractors have the skills, knowledge and equipment to do the work safely. However, if you decide to do the work yourself, do not put yourself or your family at risk, or risk contaminating your house or land.  Get the right information and equipment before you start.
  • What is friable asbestos?
    Friable asbestos is asbestos in the form of a powder, or which is soft and crumbles under hand pressure. Examples include asbestos pipe insulation and the paper like backing on asbestos backed vinyl sheet flooring. Non-friable asbestos containing material, such as asbestos cement sheet, can become friable in some circumstances (eg if involved in a severe fire).
  • What are the health risks from asbesto?
    Exposure to airborne asbestos fibres can cause diseases including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. The risk depends on factors such as the concentration of respirable asbestos fibres inhaled, the frequency of exposure, fibre type and genetic factors.   Asbestos – a guide for householders and the general public is a national publication on asbestos, providing information on risk and safe handling.  This is a risk management document and is designed to assist householders reduce the risks associated with exposure to asbestos fibres. It was developed by the Environmental Health Standing Committee (enHealth), in consultation with technical experts and with input from other government agencies. Below is an extract from this publication on Asbestos-related risk of disease.
We are dedicated to making your experience with removal of asbestos or demolition hassle free!

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